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Telnet HTTP:

HTTP Check Port 80 with the Telnet Command

You can check your webserver on HTTP port 80 with the following telnet command:

Open a command line and type

telnet www.your-server.com 80

If your server is online a test connection will be established on port 80 (HTTP). Now you can type a GET command. The server will answer with an output like this:

<TITLE>501 Method
Not Implemented</TITLE>
<H1>Method Not Implemented</H1>
get to /index
.html not supported.<P>
Invalid method in request get<P>

Connection to host lost.

The better way to Check Port 80 (free tool)

If you would like to check your Webserver at regular intervals, you can use SLCheck. SLCheck is a command line utility that connects to the Webserver and checks the answer. Batch files can be executed in dependance of the result. Try the following command:

SLCheck -p 80 -a www.your-server.com -r "HTTP/1.1 200 OK"

In dependence of the returned answer string you can execute a batch file for further actions, e.g. to send an alarm notification. All the results are logged in a logfile.

You can monitor your webserver by running SLCheck as a scheduled task, e.g. once a minute.

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