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How does SLCheck work?

SLCheck is an executable (.exe) file that tries to establish connections on given TCP ports. You can monitor servers in your local area network as well as on the Internet. SLCheck doesn't need any ini files or registry entries - all parameters are passed with command line options.

An example:

SLCheck.exe -p 25 -a -r "220"

SLCheck tries to contact server on port 25 (smtp). A smtp server normally answers with "220 <server name>". In this case batch file CheckOK.cmd will be executed. If SLCheck runs in a timeout, batch file CheckTimeout.cmd will be launched. Finally batch file CheckMismatch.cmd will be executed if server answers with a different answer string than "220". To view some more answer strings please visit answer strings

The batch files can be customized by the user so that they can send notifications via net send, eMail (with external eMail client) or snmp trap (with external snmp trap software). There are some more batch files for service level management.

To run a continuous monitoring of your servers you can create a scheduled task in Windows. It is possible to schedule a task to run e.g. once a minute. 

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