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How to monitor internet connectivity via command line... / how to test internet connection...

Monitor Internet connection

SLCheck provides the functionality to monitor your internet connection by requesting two different URLs periodically. The idea is that if two independent internet websites are not available from your local area network your service “Internet Browsing” is down.

This feature can help you if

  • you want to control your internet service provider

  • you would like to be notified if your company's internet connection is down

  • you need service level reports to improve or present your service quality

Here is the command for Internet connection monitoring (via proxy server). Open a command line and type:

SLCheck -p 80 -a <proxy-address> -u -r "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" -a2 <proxy-address> -u2 -r2 "HTTP/1.0 200 OK"

SLCheck tries to connect to the proxy server and to send a HTTP GET request for Then it tries to connect to the same proxy server again and to send a HTTP GET request for There are four possibilities for the result:

  • Website1 and Website2 answer with the expected answer string within the timeout (default = 2000ms) => CheckOK.cmd runs for both requests.

  • Either Website1 or Website2 don’t answer within the timeout or another answer string is returned => CheckOK.cmd runs for the successful attempt and CheckTimeout.cmd or CheckMismatch.cmd for the unsuccessful attempt.

  • Website1 and Website2 generate a timeout or return a wrong answer string => CheckTimeout.cmd or CheckMismatch.cmd are executed for the unsuccessful attempts. An additional batch file will be executed to indicate a serious problem: CheckFatal.cmd

Caution: SLCheck can NOT perform authentication! Please configure your proxy server to allow the IP address of the box that runs SLCheck without authentication.

If you are connected directly to the Internet without proxy server, you can use the following command:

SLCheck -p 80 -a -u / -r "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" -a2 -u2 / -r2 "HTTP/1.0 200 OK"

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